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Boyau PVC renforci - Airablo

Clear braided P.V.C. hose

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Clear braided P.V.C. hose

Please note applications are general. However, the degree of resistance of a material also depends on other variables such as length of exposure, temperature, pressure, velocity of fluid, concentration, etc. and therefore no guarantee is expressed or implied. If an element of doubt exists, we advise that the product be tested under actual conditions. Crystal clear polyvinyl chloride reinforced with spiraled polyester cords. Cover and tube are compounded from Non-Toxic PVc ingredients in compliance with applicable FDA requirements.

Price per foot

Temperature 25°F (-4°F) À 150°F (65°F)

1/8" # 04211908 250PSI/70°F 150PSI/122°F
1/4" # 04210578 250PSI/70°F 150PSI/122°F
1/2" # 04210581 200PSI/70°F 100PSI/122°F
5/8" # 04210582 200PSI/70°F 100PSI/122°F
3/4" # 04210583 150PSI/70°F 85PSI/122°F
1" # 04210584 125PSI/70°F 75PSI/122°F
1 1/4" # 04210585 100PSI/70°F 55PSI/122°F

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