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Vacuum pump 8CFM gasoline (800 taps)

  • $4,31000
  • Save $000

Vacuum pump up to + 28hg

Engine 5.5hp honda gasoline
Rotary vane pump elmira
Oil "flood" reclaimer and pipe kit
Check valve
Vacuum gauge
Moisture Trap

15 hg = 8 CFM
20 hg = 4 CFM
25 hg = 1 CFM

The most efficient vacuum pumps in the maple syrup market
With the best CFM / HP / amperage
Regardless of vacuum level (HG)
Can run with hydraulic vegetable oil
Recovering more than 99%
Model 100-100 000 taps
Designed and tested to the sugar bush for over 40 years
Low maintenance and simple design
Photos are indicative only with Airablo standard blue color (Light)

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