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Cast iron pump without motor MJ OJ

Cast iron pump without motor MJ OJ

  • $57500

The injection centrifugal pumps are exceptionally reliable and efficient. Specially designed for domestic purposes, they can also be used to pump water from wells, streams, ponds and many other sources of water. 

The high-precision brass impeller assures the models an optimum efficiency. To eliminate all vibrations, the impeller is screwed to the shaft of the motor. 

Its stainless steel disc distinguishes this pump from any other. In fact, this innovation facilitates maintenance and minimises corrosion. 

The housing and the motor bracket are made of grey cast iron and are machined with such precision that it maximizes considerably the performance. These parts are then treated with 2 layers of paint that gives superior resistance to corrosion.

Part list 513-0060 (PDF)

# 5130060

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