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Brass/Plated Steel Screw Coupling 5800psi

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Used anywhere high pressure connections are frequently connected and disconnected. Exchanging different lance, hose and spray gun versions are simple and easy just by hand tightening.


• These couplers allow connection of male or female M22 (European-style) fittings 1/4,” 3/8” and 1/2” pipe threads as shown. • Available in M14 and M15 yoke. • Brass and plated steel

Brass screw coupling * thread: NPT

01113368 BRASS/SS 5800PSI 300F 1/4FNPT * M22,
01113369 BRASS 5800PSI 300F 1/4MNPT * M22,
01113370 BRASS/SS 5800PSI 300F 3/8FNPT * M22,
01113371 BRASS/SS 5800PSI 300F 3/8MNPT * M22,
01113372 BRASS/SS 5800PSI 300F 1/2FNPT * M22,
01113373 BRASS/SS 5800PSI 300F 1/2MNPT * M22

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