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Hydrovac vacuum pump 60 to 105 CFM (Diesel) 6000 to 10 000 taps 48" * 48"

  • $20,35000
  • Save $000

Vacuum pump to more than 28.5hg
The most efficient pumps in the maple market industry with the best maple CFM / HP / Amp no matter the vacuum level (HG). Can work with hydraulic vegetable oil. Oil recovery over 99% Built and tested in the sugar bush for over 40 years. Simple design and low maintenance construction
Diesel engine 16 or 26hp kohler E/S = Honda Electric start
Water pump to transfer water to another place standard is 100psi 20GPM
Other pressure and flow rate are available on request
Kit of float and cylinder for automatic start and stop the pump according to the water level
Rotary vane pump
Oil flood recovery with pressure gauge and piping kit
Vacuum oil cooler thermostat and vacuum starter
Oil cooler kit with dial thermometer
Check valve
Vacuum gauge
Digital thermostat
Ball Valve
Moisture trap with level control
Mounting on steel pallet
The characteristics could be changed on request

60CFM (5000 Taps) 202 FLOOD 16HP KOHLER E/S # AHYD202FOJ16DERK
80CFM (7500 Taps) 302 FLOOD 26HP KOHLER E/S # AHYD302FOJ26DERK
100CFM (10000 Taps) 402 FLOOD 26HP KOHLER E/S # AHYD402FOJ26DERK 
105CFM (10000 Taps) 403 FLOOD 26HP KOHLER E/S # AHYD403FOJ26DERK
105CFM (10000 Taps) 403 4VANES 26HP KOHLER E/S # AHYD403MAFOJ26DERK

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